Who we are?

Hitex Carpet manufactures rugs and carpets on a large scale. Having indulged in trading rugs and carpets in the international market, our directors have gathered enough knowledge and experience to venture into a manufacturing unit. It started as a dream project envisioned by the heads of the business which took years to shape into reality. And now, after countless efforts, we have successfully established a well-facilitated rugs and carpets manufacturing factory in Nepal.

Hitex is the first and the only Carpet manufacturing factory in Nepal. Owing to the customer’s demand, we offer a wide range of styles for all flooring plans. We seek trading opportunities within and across the borders.

We look forward to exporting superior-quality carpets to countries like Bangladesh, India, and other Asian countries and aim to expand our business globally.

Our Mission

Our ultimate mission is delivering products with superior quality, customer satisfaction, an eco-friendly approach and, continuous growth. Our aim is to expand the business internationally in coming years.

Our Vision

Along with contribution to the national economic growth, we envisage sustainable community development and a safe environment.