Our factory


The machines we have are made in Europe and are of latest technology available in the world. They are new and efficient which make the production run smoothly giving best quality carpets.

Raw Materials

Depending upon their need and usage, raw materials that we use come from Europe. All of which are chosen by our experts with utmost regards to their functional properties and quality.

Human resources

The factory has around a hundred employees which belong to varied work hierarchy. Our employment opportunities basically prioritize women and underprivileged groups of Nepali communities so as to encourage and empower them.


We also have a cross-functional team of technical experts with real-life, hands-on experience assigned to creative design, quality assurance, maintenance, product management, and project analysis. Led by a dynamic and proficient management team, our manufacturing experts are constantly striving for excellent results. So, from securing the yarn and dyeing, to the chemical treatment and distribution, the quality standards of our products are visibly maintained.